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If you're a musician, singer, band, ensemble, poet or story-teller, your talents are welcome. Let us know who you are and go here to see what opportunities there are. We are often looking for new acts and we can't ask you if we don't know who you are!

We elect the committee at each AGM (usually held in March or April) but we often co-opt willing people to the committee, especially if they have a skill-set we are missing. Also, there are several subcommittees to run things like our festivals and other events that need good people. Let us know if you want to be involved in any of these.

We are always in need of volunteers to go on the various rosters of door persons, kitchen and bar staff - even sound and light operators. We are always on the lookout for people with good maintenance and construction skills for the continued development of our venue.

Do you have design skills? Are you a dab hand at social media? Or do you have some spare time to put posters up around town? Ultimately we are only as good as the people that know about us so any help in spreading the word is much appreciated.

The Dunedin Folk Club is a great community to become involved with.

It is part of an informal national and international folk club network. Most of us have formed lifelong friendships in the folk community and it is the fuel on which the music runs - it is much in evidence at every event we hold.

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Group of musicians singing on stage at he Dunedin Folk Club in Otago, New Zealand.
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