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Casual Performances
Most clubnights have floor spots in the first part of the evening playing one or two items. Just mention you wish to perform to the door person when you arrive. There can be a bit of competition for these spots so get in early.
From time to time, there is a Come-All-Ye (open mic night) or a night built around a theme. Same procedure as for floor spots, or you could email info@nefc.org.nz to book a place.


Thursday Open Mic
This is a popular weekly concert for all-comers. Family friendly (no alcohol), very welcoming and a guaranteed performance spot if you want one. Phil Corfeild is host for the evening and all are welcome - beginners and old hands, the nervous and the confident. The Open Mic is a great springboard into regular performance at the club, our festivals and beyond.

Artist Bookings 
The main part of a typical clubnight is a booked or featured artist. Please apply to info@dunedinfolkclub.co.nz if you wish to be considered for a booking. In general we book 3 - 12 months ahead (see below).
We are appreciative of the many club performers who play for us without expectation of a fee, and we are open to negotiation for a percentage of the door or a small fee for those that require it.
Door charges are typically in the $5 - $20 range, with a discount for members. The club will publicise widely but it is expected that you promote the event through your own networks as well.
Special Concerts
From time to time the Club may put on a special concert for a major or international artist, outside of the Sunday club night. Please contact info@dunedinfolkclub.co.nz for more details.
How to Apply for a Clubnight Booking or Special Concert

Email us with a bit about yourself and some dates (Sundays are our usual clubnights) that might work for you. We are often booked up well ahead. We don't restart till late January, and February and March can often be well booked a year out; you'll need to be early to get summer dates.

Either send us links to your stuff (website, youtube etc) or attach a one or two mp3s to your email. Audio is not absolutely necessary if you have good information or references. Please don't send us CDs unless we ask for them for promotion. We'll circulate your material around the committee and respond to you as quickly as we can.

Email us here

And you'll book me?

Probably, but not necessarily. There may be competition for the chosen date or, heaven forbid, we may decide your music doesn't fit. We may also suggest that you share a night with someone else. If you're a local performer you stand a better chance if you've already done some floor spots for us or played at the Thursday Open Mic.

Looking to apply to perform at one of our festivals?

More info coming soon. 

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