February Committee News

Tuesday 28th February 2023

During the month Keri Smith organised a social day with the Bowling Club which was a huge success with many members taking to the Green to have a go. There was music inside and food a-plenty before our usual Sunday night of music which was well attended. We hope to do this again to maintain excellent relations with our club hosts.

The next item on our agenda that will become visible to members is the making and erecting of a new, more permanent sign out front. Sam Patrick is working on this so watch out and see who spots the new sign first!

We continue to work on the membership list to make sure members are paid up to date and that we have their preferences noted where they have offered to help out with duties on club nights. If you want to help out with Café duties or hosting travelling artists or any other task, and haven’t been approached yet, please let us know.

Tickets are now on sale for the Enda Kenny concert on March 26th – this will be a popular event and we encourage members to buy tickets in advance either from Under The Radar or at the club.

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