March Committee News

Wednesday 16th March 2022

At the latest committee meeting we decided to try to continue to operate the club as long as we can with the restrictions we have been using of requiring vaccinations and masks when people are moving about. However, we are aware that we may have to close the club at short notice for various reasons and performers sometimes cancel on us, which may mean that we have to run a different programme than advertised. So keep an eye on your newsletter because we will keep that up to date.

As far as the venue is concerned this appears to be working well for everyone and we have agreed with the Bowling Club that we will continue our association with them. We are currently working together to get a heat pump installed and that will be completed before the winter months hit us. We are planning on a rearrangement of the stage so that we can make that side area more amenable for performers to use to put guitar cases etc.. during performances. 

Any ideas you have please let us know.

Keep playing music - keep safe.

El Presidente! 

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