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Adriano Sangineto
When: Sunday 11th February 2024
Time: 7.30 pm
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Adriano Sangineto

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Adriano Sangineto is a virtuoso musician of Italian origins, internationally recognized for his exceptional contribution to Celtic harp music and his unique style. Thanks to his engaging performances and avant-garde compositions, Adriano has taken his music worldwide, from Europe to New Zealand, from the United States to Australia, and even to Russia and China. He regularly participates in major festivals dedicated to Celtic harp as a performer and teacher. His musical career spans over two decades of dedicated harp experience.

During this time, Adriano has transcended the traditional limits of the instrument to create an original and innovative sonic dimension. His show "Creative Harp" revolutionizes the traditional concept of the Celtic harp, taking the listener on an extraordinary journey through its versatility and evocative sounds. The Celtic harp turns into a percussive instrument, expanding its rhythmic and harmonic capabilities in ways that twist musical conventions. Adriano is renown for his original compositions: each piece is a sensory experience that combines rhythm, melody, and suggestion, leading the audience into unexpected soundscapes.

He has an extensive discography, including 4 solo albums, 11 trio albums, and numerous collaborations as a guest with Italian and international groups. Together with his twin sister Caterina, he is involved in promoting musical instruments built by their father, Michele Sangineto, through concerts and projects featuring a diverse range of repertoires. In 2000, he founds the band “Ensemble Sangineto”, with which he composes original arrangements of Italian and European traditional songs. In 2013, he creates the “Lyradanz” project, dedicated to European folk dances presented through his own compositions. Finally, in 2013, he forms Antica Liuteria Sangineto, a musical collective that delves into Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music repertoires using instruments reproduced by his father based on works by Renaissance master painters (Leonardo da Vinci, Giorgione, Filippino Lippi, Gaudenzio Ferrari, etc).

Adriano's love for folk instruments in general leads him to become an eclectic musician, expressing himself through various musical genres. He plays several wind and string instruments and specializes in clarinet and classical composition at the Conservatorie of Milan. Thanks to this background, he composes songs for a variety of purposes, soundtracks, music for theatre plays and advertisements. From 2020 to 2022, he published four tunebooks collecting his major compositions for Celtic harp, derived from his four solo albums: “Arpa Creativa”, “Arpacadabra", “Synantys”, and “Finisterra”. Thanks to these publications, his musical production is followed and performed internationally. In 2021 he creates the show “Harp & Tap” together with the tap dancer and choreographer Ilaria Suss: it is the very first experiment with dance and music that combines two apparently distant worlds, that of the Celtic harp and tap dance, giving life to a mix of timbres and movements that have rarely been explored.

Adriano collaborates regularly with the Italian pop singer Antonella Ruggiero, the singersongwriter Lorenzo Monguzzi, and the flutist-bagpiper Carlos Núnez. HARP FESTIVALS WHERE ADRIANO TOOK PART AS A PERFORMER AND TEACHER: Edinburgh International Harp Festival - UK (2016, 2017, 2021) Harp On Wight - UK (2017) Glasbury Arts Summer School - UK (from 2017 until 2023) Harfentreffen - D (2018, 2022) Nordic Harp Meeting - DK and SE (2017, 2022) Somerset Harp Festival - US (2023) Bissone Harp Festival - CH (2022) NZ Harp Fest NZ - (2023) Rencontres Internationales de Harpe Celtique de Dinan - F (2016, 2022)

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