Raise a glass and socialise on club nights from 7 pm, 11 June onwards

Raise a glass and socialise on club nights from 7 pm, 11 June onwards

Thursday 18th May 2023

As most of you will know from the AGM when we moved to join the Opoho Bowling club it was thought that we could be included in their club licence. We discovered that this necessitates a change of their constitution and although this has been set in motion it is unlikely to happen for some time.

When this became evident we decided to see whether there was any benefit to us to have a weekly licence to sell alcohol or whether it would make no difference to our events. To do this we obtained a special licence that covered most weeks until Easter.

We expected that this would increase our income slightly but we did not realise that it would have such a positive effect upon the social aspect of the club. The bar opened at 7pm and very quickly this meant that many people were arriving early to have a glass of wine or beer and chat with each other before the concert started.

This aspect of the club had dropped away in recent years and it is fantastic to see it happening again. Therefore we investigated a number of ways we could continue this and we have managed to obtain a special licence that covers every Sunday night concert from June 2023 until June 2024. So come along at 7pm and socialise with your fellow members before being entertained for the evening. This does mean that you cannot bring your own supplies.

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